Bridget and Nick

Being a creative, you're always longing for the day when you get a brief from a client who says, do whateeeeeever you like. Bridget was this bride and I absolutely love her for it.

We worked closely with the creative minds at Wildernest and One Lovely Day and our dream team of 7 florists over 4 days to to put together the jewel of the crown in our wedding season.

At the breathtaking Jonkers Farm, Bridget and Nick had a wedding of epic proportions...300 guests, lots of whiskey (to celebrate Bridget's Irish heritage) and a party that went through the night.

In the marquee we created 5 metre high gardens, cascading down the poles to our 'gardens' below. A whimsical floral arch was suspended above Bridget and Nick while they said their vows and a 7 metre long garland hung above them during the reception. Bridget's bouquets were created to look as thought they had been plucked from a meadow ~ cosmos, anenomes, achellia and flox to name just a few.

We worked alongside the talented guys at La Lumiere, Shupepe Tents, Eddison Project and Jo and Greg Jonker. The biggest shout out goes to the team of florists who worked all hours of the day (and night) to get it looking spectacular. I couldn't have done it without you x

Rosie Holt
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Nat 4 Max

Planning a wedding from Poland can't be easy, but Natalie had a vision and along with her lovely mum, we helped bring it all together.

Natalie and Max were living in Europe while planning their wedding...but the joys of modern technology means it was NBD. Nat had a clear vision for her florals ~ a palette of pink and peach sorbet with bursts of raspberry to compliment the Miss Crabb bridesmaid dresses.

They chose Kauri Bay as their venue (why wouldn't you) where we framed that breathtaking view with wild and dreamy florals on their driftwood arch. Her aisle was lined with floral clusters which she strolled down, meeting Max at the end.

Nat and her maids carried bouquets of dahlias, garden roses, flox, scabiosa, delphiniums, berries and beech.

Inside, we dressed Kauri Bay's famous fireplace in a wild, cascading floral garden and had trailing green garlands along the trestle tables.

Photography by Anna Kidman weddings

Nat's dress by Hera Couture

Nat's maids by Miss Crabb

Their venue was Kauri Bay

Hair & Make up by Fiona Clare Beauty


Rosie Holt
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Nik and Bones

Nik is a radiant woman. She radiates kindness, warmth and gratitude wherever she goes. I feel so incredibly honoured to have been part of her and Bones' (aka Jase) wedding in January this year.

The rain came down, the roads were closed and people were walking 2km up a water logged road or being brought in via boat (between the downpours of rain and gusts of wind).

It seemed nothing could go right, the entire wedding party was moved inside, away from the elements but then the clouds parted and everything was perfect.

📷 Jared Donkin

💍 Zoe and Morgan
👰 Rue de Seine
💄 Samantha & Frank and Daisies
Nik's Landing, Bay of Islands
🌬 Severe weather warnings
💫 Absolute magic

Rosie Holt
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Bridgid and Mark

Remember those blustery days in early January? Bridgid and Mark had to fight those elements on their wedding day but it didn't manage to dampen their spirits.

Less than a week into the new year and the wild was howling and the rain was coming in sideways but Bridgid, being the darling that she was, still had a huge smile across her face. We delivered her bouquets first, she came bounding to the door, full of excited energy and her eyes lit up (best authentic response ever). All wildflowers, dahlias and pops of bright against tones of treacle, butter and sand.

From there, we set up her florals at Orakei Bay...lush, trailing garlands, wild archways and petite vases of flowers dotted around the venue.

There were momentary gaps in the rain which made for beautiful outdoor photos, a moody sky against the brightest of smiles.

Bridgid and Mark, you were such a treat to work with, you let us unleash our creativity and make something amazing...we wish you both all the happiness in the world xxx

Photography: Kimberly Elizabeth

Dress: Anna Schimmel

Hair: Beauty on Demand

Make up: Rouge and Scout

Suit: Crane Brothers


Rosie Holt
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Faye's Urban Meadow

When flora takes over and a romantic woodland emerges at an industrial loft wedding, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. We created bouquets for Faye and her maids in a romantic palette of muted blush and creamy white. Her cascading meadow had hints of lilac, grey and buttery peach, enveloped in lush greenery. The inspiration behind this installation was a romantic, dream-like woodland, a world away from a bustling city. 
It was created by our gal Isabel The Forager and beautifully captured by Rachel Soh.
Rosie Holt
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Celebrate International Women's Day

This day comes just once a year. And each year I'm confronted by at least one moron who complains 'why isn't there an International Men's Day'. I've stopped responding to those mouth breathers and instead celebrate women, their achievements which act as the catalyst towards positive change.

Part of that is celebrating the women who make my life better, who make coming to work an absolute joy. Read on for a little profile on my flower femmes and what makes them so special to me. 

 These pics and posts are also over on our Instagram


My darling friend Izzy. She's been bossing me around for nearly 2 year now and with countless brain farts and derpy moments, she is an absolute pleasure to be around. Nine times out of ten, she's the brains behind the wedding set up, making sure everything is just right, using her critical eye to create the perfect flora for our brides.


Our green fingered Alice is a gal of many talents (some of you might remember her making some of the best coffee at Eight Thirty but we stole her). Sorry bout it. She is now honing her skill and putting the trained florists to shame with her natural eye and whimsical aesthetic. 


Our young Sunday gal has more sass and talent than you can shake a stick at. She can whip up a bridal bouquet in moments without breaking a sweat, she's just that good. She is more skilled and stylish at 17 than I could have dreamed (her 18th birthday which is in June BTW, you'll have to help us celebrate). Next time you're kicking around in Ponsonby Central on a Sunday, stop by and say hi to Ruby, her cheeky English wit is stellar.


I don't do a lot, not compared to the other girls at least. They're the ones coming up with the ideas, telling me what to do and making things a reality. It's nearly 3 years since a 'silly idea' led me to quit my job in advertising and be a florist. I can't tell you how glad I am that I made that step. It's been 3 years, one pop up shop, one studio, two permanent shops and one broken hearted meltdown that I didn't think I'd recover from and I'm still standing. The women who work for me aren't employees, they're friends / confidantes / therapy / sidekicks / drinking buddies and sisters who make this dream so special. 

Rosie Holt
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Amanda and Nick's Mantell's Wedding

In September this year, Brazillian beauty Amanda married her top notch Kiwi bloke Nick at Mantells, Mount Eden.

She wore a beaded, lace Rue De Seine gown and was joined down the aisle by Nicks' daughters. As she walked down the aisle, ever staunch Nick shed a tear or two.

Their florals were fun and vibrant with subtle colour pops keeping in line with the classic surroundings.

Their day was a mix of classic kiwiana, blended with Latino flare and captured by Lara from Soul Sister's Photography

Rosie Holt
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Shar and Ryan in the Abel Tasman

When you think of a DIY wedding, images of jam jars, bunting and homemade photobooth props often come to mind. But not this wedding ~ Shar and Ryan put in some serious work to personalise their idyllic Nelson wedding and make it stand out from the rest.

Months before the wedding they scoured junk shops, collecting plates, glassware, cutlery, candlesticks and even festoon lights (it always helps when the groom is an electrician). The whole family helped make their day extra special with the brides family whipping up delicious salads, the groom's father catching fish, crays and oysters and to top it off, the venue was the grooms mother's property in Marahau.

It was a sunner of a day in the Abel Tasman where the bride and groom stood under a tree, (which started as two saplings and grew into one), saying their 'I Do's', 

Getting the bridal party to that point was hampered slightly when the vintage car they were riding in broke down in the stream but they made it eventually.

These kids aren't short of friends, there were pals from high school, uni, overseas, old flatmates, new flatmates, girlfriends, boyfriends and everyone in between to help them celebrate.

 The florals were wild summer blooms in shades of plum, berry and blush. A delicious and dreamy combo.

The whole day was captured by the talented chap from Tom Powell Photography.


















Rosie Holt
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Caitlin and Cole on a wild Waiheke

With so many weddings each season, I look at the photos a month or two down the track and get blown away again. Seeing everything come together and seeing the brides and grooms look so happy, it's amazing. This makes it really tricky when trying to choose which photos to share on here. Now is one of those times. Danelle Bohane is such a talented photographer that I became fully immersed in these photos and struggled to narrow it down to just 20 or so. I managed it, just...

It was a blustery autumn day which made for beautiful wedding photos, not so great for a bride on her wedding day. Caitlin and the girls started the day at Te Whau Point. Hair, make up and nails were done by two of her close friends, the scene like something from an old world Hollywood movie; soft curls, plum lips, silk gowns and soft sunlight filtering through the curtains.

Although the weather added a drama and beauty to the surrounding, Caitlin's bride tribe was on hand to keep her veil in check. The ceremony and reception were held at the oh so beautiful Mudbrick, where Caitlin and Cole said their 'I do's'. After the formalities, photos of the couple were taken in the Waiheke wilderness, among olive groves, gravel roads and rolling fields.

The evening was filled with friends and family, delicious food, they ate, drank and danced the night away.

Photos: Danelle Bohane

Caitlin's dress: Watters

Hair and nails: Heather Vette 

Make up: Rani Shortland

Bridesmaids: Lulus


Rosie Holt
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Jess and James ~ Autumn at Markovina

Where do I start with Jess and James?... We spent months chatting about their wedding, creating florals that perfectly suited them, the venue and their vision for the wedding. Months of planning and several months on and we still haven't met. They were (and still are) are living the London life, planning an Auckland wedding then when the day on May 27th finally arrived, I had the flu. Proper, full blown flu. Luckily, my wonderful assistant Izzy was there to take the reins and brought everything together.

Jess decided that a whimsical combination of garden roses, lots of lush greenery and a sprinkle of autumn wildflowers was what she wanted. She knew what she was doing, the florals perfectly complimented the venue, Markovina Estate, with their dreamy trailing indoor greenery.

Her Grace Loves Lace dress was the epitome of youthful romance, and Justin Aitken's photos captured this beautifully. 

 To Jess and James, my favourite pen pals x

Rosie Holt
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Harriet & Michael

I know I say this about all of my brides but it's true, they are ALL lovely ladies (and gents) who I get on with as though we're old friends catching up for coffee. Harriet and Michael were no different. I met them after sending flowers to one of Harriet's colleagues; she loved them so much that she got in touch and we began planning her wedding florals.

They were married at Abbeville Estate with green garlands and draping florals adorning the venue, inside and out. The bridesmaids wore dove grey with delicate flower crowns to finish off the look.

Pre-wedding photos at an East Coast beach gave Harriet and Michael some time together before meeting their guests at Abbeville where they said their I-Do's and danced into the small hours.

All of it was beautifully captured by Chase Wild.

Scroll down to view their beautiful day...


Rosie Holt
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* Fabia and Ryan *

I only met Fabia and Ryan a few weeks before her and Ryan's wedding. We did the majority of the floral planning via email (all the Pintrest boards) and the odd Skype chat. Everything came together, Fabia's vision of a soft, romantic colour palette with accents of raspberry and burgundy was floral heaven. 

Her gals were in matching dusty pink floor length dresses, their bouquets finished with trimmings from Fabia's gown. 

Their summer wedding took place in West Auckland, before the ceremony, she came face to face with Ryan in his navy tux and slick pink tie (we love) for some time together before walking down their aisle at the Tasting Shed.

Their venue was adorned with garlands, flowers and clusters of succulents and it was all captured by our friend Libby Robinson Photography 

Rosie Holt
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